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Welcome to MAINE SENIORS: For the Prime of Your Life!

MAINE SENIORS focuses on the events, stories, and topics that matter most to you - Maine's seniors! Don't miss an issue - subscribe today to ensure that you receive our March Issue!

Each issue of MAINE SENIORS brings you the following, penned by our passionate writers:
  • Prime Mover - Profiles of Maine’s movers and shakers in the prime of their lives.
  • Sage Lens - Exploring opportunities to help you get the most out of your “golden years”.
  • Experiential to the Exponential - Words of wisdom and quotable quotes.
  • Health Treasures - Solid information, tips, and resources from qualified healthcare professionals.
  • Hobbies and EntertainmentFrom crafts, to collectibles, to enriching cultural activities. Learn about arts, music, and more.
  • Outdoors - A look at some of our state's opportunities for the true outdoor enthusiast.
  • Around the Home - Helpful tips on everything from yardwork and gardening to remodeling your kitchen.
  • Food for Thought - Cuisine through the ages, family favorites, classic recipes, and so much more.
  • Here, There and Everywhere - Travel thoughts and tips for exploring scenic Maine and places beyond.
  • From the Porch - Witty and insightful commentary on people and life.

Plus, we round out each issue of MAINE SENIORS with columns such as Legacy, dedicated to how individuals leave their mark on communities and other folk;  A Look Back, for a trip down memory lane; and the simple eloquence of Just Pondering by Waldo Clark.

If you love Maine and are proud to be a junior - I mean senior - partner, then you will love MAINE SENIORS.

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